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Protection for AI Intellectual Property

Run your models on devices you don't fully trust
without having to worry about theft or leaks

  Deploy Anywhere

The model is contained in an eCora encrypted virtual machine which supports edge and offline use

  Prevent Theft and Leaks

Remains encrypted even in use so neither the user, cloud provider nor eCora can see inside the container

  Keep Data Private

All Data sent to and received from the container always remains encrypted and can only be seen by the user


The eCora Secure Application Stack uses technology innovations
in cybersecurity, edge computing, and confidential computing

Encrypted Container

Encrypt existing applications or native Wasm modules into a secure container.  Confidential Computing technology is used to ensure the application remains encrypted while executing

Policies and Rules

Define policies and rules which are checked before and after every execution request.  These can be used to control anything such as access rights, limits, quotas and even calculate billing

Easy Deployment

Build the application as usual using your existing tools and then use eCora to quickly encrypt it into a container.  This eCora container can then be deployed anywhere on the customer's IT estate

For AI Developer/Vendor

Do you have customers who want to install your model in their IT estate?  Are you concerned about your valuable model IP being stolen?

Ship your model to your customers as an API enabled encrypted container with policies and rules to control access


For AI User/Customer

Are policies or regulations stopping you from using external AI SaaS services?  Are you concerned that your data may leak if you use the cloud?

Deploy a vendor's encrypted AI model into your IT estate knowing your data cannot be seen by anyone else



Maintain patient data confidentiality

Healthcare AI usually trains models on special data sets that are either anonymised or synthesised to protect patient confidentiality.  Healthcare organisations struggle to keep these data sets up to date and relevant

eCora allows healthcare AI to send real data without the risk of leakage


Keep network traffic inside the perimeter

Anomaly and intrusion detection software is increasingly using AI to cope with the variety of cyber attacks that occur today.  Enterprises however, don't want to send their internal network packets and logs to external services

eCora allows vendors to securely deploy their encrypted IP on customer premises

Financial Services

Safely aggregate transaction data

Fraud and money laundering AI services are heavily used today but because of regulations, PII must be stripped out which means they cannot correlate information across different companies to better detect illegal activities.

eCora allows encrypted data sharing where no-one can see the real data


Confidential computing AI on the edge

Advanced manufacturing are using AI for predictive maintenance and process optimisation however, many want edge computing capabilities because their factories are air-gapped to protect their process secrets and data security

eCora uses a decentralised edge architecture that works offline



eCora Secure Application Stack

"Security as a forethought, not an afterthought"

Secure By Default Stack

Secure By Default is the successor paradigm to Secure By Design.  Our secure application stack implements this by putting security at the base of the stack.  This automatically enforces many security and assurance controls and cannot be bypassed

The stack can containerize an existing application such as an AI model or run natively written Wasm modules

Hardware Backed Security

Our stack goes all the way down to silicon.  The stack base layer uses encrypted enclave technology, with keys generated and retained in secure elements (TPMs) which mean they cannot be extracted or compromised.

Every activity that goes on in the stack must be signed by a secure element and the stack automatically attests that all requests come from a legitimate secure element

Decentralised Edge Computing

Edge computing is the successor paradigm to Cloud computing and has better scalability and resilience.  Our stack is written as edge native code using Rust and Wasm.

The decentralised architecture of the stack means that the nodes in our network we can work in offline mode

Data Centric Security

Data Centric Security is the successor paradigm to Network Centric Security.  The stack implements fine-grained Zero Trust at the individual data record level.

Each data record object is a self-contained unit of security containing its own keys, roles, permissions and functions

About Us

David Chan and Tom Whelan have both had long careers building large complex systems, and in 2018 began looking at the latest advances in the areas of security, scalability, and resilience.  The aim was to improve the security of application software stacks.  Applications are developed with security as an afterthought and even then, the use of security is handcoded leading to mistakes.

What was needed was a software stack where security was not only built-in to the stack, but was placed at the base layer so that it is given the highest priority and can control the whole stack.  This Secure By Default approach would provide security controls automatically.

Retrofitting an existing stack with a security base layer didn't work because they are such different paradigms so the only course of action was to develop a new stack.  Along the way, new innovations were developed such as a fast blockchain that utilises edge computing.

Eventually, in December 2020, the company eCora (eCoraDLT Limited) was incorporated in Leicester, United Kingdom and received angel funding in early 2021.  In November 2021, eCora filed a patent on their efficient blockchain protocol which allows lower powered devices such as IoT and phones to run a layer one protocol.


David Chan  
CEO & Cofounder
Tom Whelan  
CTO & Cofounder
Raphael Djondo  
Principal Consultant

Contact Us

For more information,
email  [email protected]